Dear Colleagues

"Models are a vital and important part of the advertising and fashion scene!" 

Playing your role as models clients and managers, you act as the strongest link of this economic chain. Models, working with this group of people, bear a high responsibility. To meet such a responsibility, the models professional association Fairplay offers well-founded support and trend-setting forms of cooperation in order to meet sustainable social-ethical and professional requirements suitable to everyday model life. 

The more fashion agents, clients, fashion designers and photographers are willing to expand their own fairness and promotion skills and also to practice them in cooperation with models, the more will grow the feeling of satisfaction and trust for the new models generation.


What benefits do you have as a "fair player"?

  • Image transfer through the advertising use of the fairness label
  • Establishment of a sustainable fairness value system within the corporate philosophy
  • Competent contact persons for questions about the model business 
  • You can refer to the model professional association in your business relationships 
  • Startups take advantage of the market's lead in trust 


Step 1: Request all

Step 2: Submission of application documents

You send all the necessary proofs by e-mail to the office.   

Email: info@modelberufsverband.ch

Step 3: The evaluation process begins

The Executive Board and the Advisory Board will examine all documents. After 14 days at the latest, you will receive the result.

Step 4: Announcement of the award ceremony

If the evaluation process is evaluated positively, you will receive the True Blue Fairplayer 2019 award.