A label to guide you

Dear Model !

If your business partner (Fashion designer, photographer, art-buyer, fashion organizer, model manager ) is in possession ofthe label of the "True Blue Initiative", this means that he has joined the Fairplay Model Professional Association as a Fairplayer and has been awarded with the True Blue label as the result of a strict testing procedure. This means that such business partner works according to the approved fair play guidelines, (FMBV-CODICES) and that his business conduct can be classified as fair and serious.

Find out whether your business partner has joined the True Blue ethics initiative for a fair model business.

model support  

If you are booked by one of the Fairplay partners for a model project, the contact point (Ombudsman) of the Fairplay Model Professional Association is available for you free of charge. (Castings are excluded)

Exclusively before you start your project, if you need it or if you feel annoyed by anything, we will provide you with any useful information. As an arbitration body, we try to mediate neutrally between the parties involved. We work independently with no bounds.

However, we would like to point out at this point that we do not provide legal advice!